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Gummiwerk KRAIBURG develops elastomer compounds for contact with
OME-containing diesel fuels


Waldkraiburg, July 15th, 2020 – There are various approaches to make mobility as environmentally compatible as possible in the future. In addition to the electrification of classic combustion engines (mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid) and purely electric drives, the use of fuel cells and synthetic fuels is still being discussed.

What is OME?

As a synthetic fuel, oxymethylene ether (OME) can be used as an admixture to conventional diesel fuels or even as a diesel substitute. During the combustion of OME, significantly less NOx is emitted. In addition, practically no soot is formed. OME can be sustainably produced from the CO2 in the atmosphere, together with H2 obtained from renewable energies.

Our solution

In a comprehensive study, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG checked several FKM and FEPM compounds for their suitability. 


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