Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH & Co. KG

Rubber and silicone compounds for application in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, oil & gas production industry and many more.

As a leading supplier in Europe we develop, produce and sell technical rubber compounds as well as silicone compounds of the highest quality. Since 1947.

We are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of rubber and silicone compounds, develops and produces individual solutions for costumer demands and markets for over 70 years. KRAIBURG rubber and silicone compounds are used in the automotive sector, in machine construction, oil and gas production, roll production and by numerous manufacturers of moulded rubber components.

Over 70 years of tradition and modernity

A decisive factor for our success is our workforce, consisting of more than 400 highly qualified employees. Our organizational and management structure gives all employees the freedom to think and act independently. Individual knowledge and creativity, the courage to pursue unconventional ideas and many years of practical experience enable joint, well-founded decisions – for the future. The individual always plays an important part in our family owned company.

Facts & Figures

Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH & Co. KG //

HQ & Production site
HQ: Waldkraiburg / Upper Bavaria
Products: rubber and silicone compounds
Markets: Europe, America, Asia

KRAIBURG Rubber (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China

We have more than 10,000 sq. m. of facilities with the following capacities:

  • mixer lines for black compounds
  • mixer lines for colored compounds
  • Roller head and calender units
  • Strained and extrusion units
  • Small-batch production
  • Silicone production
  • Dispensing machine

Our management system is certified according to the following standards:

Gummiwerk KRAIBURG - Our History

70 years of tradition and modernity.

The history of Gummiwerk KRAIBURG started on 10/22/1947. In that year, Friedrich Schmidt senior began producing rubber compounds in Kraiburg-Hart, using rather limited resources and operating under very difficult conditions. While the beginnings of the company are rather humble, a solid foundation was laid for the future success of the KRAIBURG Group.

Thanks to the tireless work and commitment of the founder’s sons Peter and Fritz A. Schmidt, sales and production increased year on year.For more information on the history and the milestones of KRAIBURG, please visit the website of KRAIBURG Holding (mother company of Gummiwerk KRAIBURG).

Timeline Kraiburg 1947 bis 2017

Gummiwerk KRAIBURG - Our Goals

Prepared for the future through sustainability.

We strive to use the natural resources for our production processes, products and services in a responsible manner and with as little environmental impact as possible. Sustainability is firmly established in KRAIBURG’s business processes and our goal is to continuously reduce the consumption of raw materials through optimization of our processes. We adhere to this principle also in the design and modernization of buildings and the machine park, and in the manufacture of products and their processing by our customers. KRAIBURG is aware of its entrepreneurial and social responsibility toward its employees, customers and business partners at all times, and also toward the social environment. Because sustainable action is the only way to prepare for the future.

Therefore, we are operating an integrated management system in which environmental protection, health and safety at work and energy efficiency are given high priority. Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has been certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001 since 2002 and to the energy standard ISO 50001 since 2013. Compliance with these standards is checked annually by accredited auditors and re-certified every three years. We are constantly optimizing our performance in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and energy efficiency.



Social affairs

Our Compliance

A code of conduct that is valid for all companies of the KRAIBURG group.

The employees of the KRAIBURG companies are in daily contact with business partners, customers, institutions, etc. Employee conduct must be characterized by maximum integrity at all times. All employees are therefore obligated to comply with the general rules of human interaction as well as the provisions of the applicable laws in the respective countries. KRAIBURG has established a code of conduct that is valid for all the companies of our group. 

The examples contained in the guideline are intended to increase the sense of responsibility of all employees, to inform them of the nature and scope of that responsibility and to help them implement it in their daily work. Compliance is a matter of top priority in all companies of KRAIBURG Holding. All employees, business partners, customers and third parties are expressly encouraged by the management of the KRAIBURG Group to report any incidents, either directly to management or the legal department.