KRAIBON® - The perfect supplement for your composites

What is KRAIBON®?

KRAIBON® is a thin film made of non-cross-linked rubber that hardens within the component laminate in the same production process.  A hybrid material occurs that combines the best of both worlds – fiber composite compounds and elastomer compounds.

The direct integration of the elastomers is the key benefit. The usual production process for a fibre composite plastic component remains unchanged – no additional bonding agents are required.

Main areas of application for KRAIBON®

KRAIBON® improves the properties of hybrid composite materials in the fields of acoustics, splintering protection, lightweight construction and impact protection and convinces with good adhesion, high flexibility and a short cycle time.

Which advantage does KRAIBON® have for your application?

What properties does KRAIBON® have?

Where is KRAIBON® used?

Industries in which KRAIBON® can be found:

  • Automotive
  • Sport
  • Train and rail
  • Aerospace
  • Wind energy
  • Medicine and orthopaedics

What benefits does KRAIBON® offer?

KRAIBON® offers numerous benefits in comparison with current solutions:

  • Dimensional compensation of thermal expansion
  • Short cycle time suitable for mass production
  • Splintering protection for components owing to crack bridging
  • Ductile component behaviour in the event of a crash
  • Improvement of the component acoustics
  • Excellent shelf life

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Which focus areas KRAIBON® covers?


Lighter, quieter, more economical!

Lightweight construction is a key issue in modern application areas and production processes.  However, at the same time, lightweight construction must also take the comfort requirements of customers into account.

Loud and uncomfortable components are hard to sell. There are various solutions to adress Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH), however, as basis, heavyweight mats are used. It is clear, that ‘heavyweight’ clashes with the concept of ‘lightweight construction’.

The acoustic behavior of composite components can be significantly improved through the use of KRAIBON®.

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Splintering & shattering protection for your composites.

When breaking, carbon fibre compounds can shatter, producing tiny splinters and dangerous sharp edges. This results in an increased risk of injury.

This risk can be eliminated by integrating KRAIBON® and it‘s elastic properties into the material layup.

KRAIBON® not only increases the impact strength, but also can improve shattering and splintering characteristics.  Therefore it offers a future for composites which previously was not possible.

KRAIBON® offers possibilities that were previously inconceivable with conventional materials.


Protect your composites.

Fiber reinforced plastics are light, but easy to destroy. One way around this problem is the design of structures that exceed the primary requirement. Another approach is protection with additionally applied films or the integration of expensive high-performance fabric.

By the integration of KRAIBON®, a clear enhancement of damage tolerance can be achieved without necessitating an increase in weight or cost.

Besides an excellent shelf life, improved component acoustics and short cylce time, KRAIBON® offers you much more advantages.


Combines lightweight construction & impact protection for your composites.

Impact damage is a critical issue in connection with CFRP components. In the automotive and aerospace industries, damage caused by the impact of larger particles is a real concern.

Whatever the size of the particle, impacts can cause huge damage to CFRP parts, depending of course on the impact energy. Impacts also reduce the stability of the component and can affect its aerodynamics. In the worst case, impacts can lead to total failure.

With the integration of KRAIBON® a clear enhancement of damage tolerance can be achieved without necessitating an increase in weight.

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High-performance alternative to conventional bonding agents.

KRAIBON® also enables a new level of quality in the hybrid combination of materials, such as metal and carbon. KRAIBON® functions in this case as a “glue” between the two materials. While conventional adhesives do not equalize the different expansion properties of metal and carbon when the component heats up,

KRAIBON® compensates for these differences to create excellent adhesion on both sides. Another advantage is the electrical insulating property between the two materials, which prevents corrosion.

The excellent adhesion to numerous materials makes it possible to implement new, high-performance bonds. KRAIBON® can easily be integrated in existing production processes

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