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#Gipfeltreffen 2018

KRAIBURG continues to focus on the latest market trends and special customer requirements.

Today, elastomer is an indispensable product with widespread applications, and this will not change in the foreseeable future. Digitization, new technologies, ever increasing requirements and dynamic markets are putting traditional business models in question and require a high degree of innovation and agility. A special priority at KRAIBURG is therefore to continuously develop new products.

“At KRAIBURG we strive to remain open and curious, and to constantly expand our horizon. Because we know: It is not about a compound, application or technology. It is about custom solutions for individual requirements,” says Managing Director Helmut Esefeld.

KRAIBURG constantly strives to set new standards with respect to technology, quality, production, delivery, and customer service. As a leading European manufacturer of rubber compounds the company is not only expanding its spectrum of rubber and silicone compounds, but is also developing innovative new products.


KRAIBURG expands its product portfolio

Perfluoroelastomer solutions

To meet the growing requirements for chemical resistance and thermal stability, KRAIBURG has expanded its product portfolio to include perfluoroelastomer based (FFKM) compounds. This high-tech material is suitable for diverse applications. The materials of this product family start where other elastomers reach their limits. They are used in vacuum technology, as well as the chemical industry, machine construction and the semiconductor industry. They are also used in the oil and gas sector.


Optimal combination

Bond between fabric and rubber

In this advanced development, permeation of the fabric creates an optimal bond between the fabric and rubber. We offer the polymers NR, NBR and EPDM as the base material for a broad range of applications. A typical use for this compound is in hoses, for example. Fabric-reinforced hoses are more pressure-resistant – also under vacuum – and therefore are less prone to deformation, which significantly improves the response characteristics. These compounds are also used in membranes. The fabric forms the backbone of the membrane, while the rubber provides the seal.


Advanced developments in rubber compounds

Cleaning of soiled vulcanizing moulds

Cleaning compounds are important processing aids for modern elastomer component manufacturers, especially in the case of frequent changes in colors or materials. Accumulations or incrustations have substantial effects on productivity, reject rates, operating life cycle, maintenance and the duration of conversions in case of changes in colors or materials.

An effective compound is essential for optimal process efficiency. The elastomer or combination of elastomers used in KRAIBURG cleaning compounds is specifically adapted to the cleaning application. From injection moulding to compression moulding and transfer moulding – KRAIBURG has the individual solution to achieve maximum results with minimum expenditure of time.


Lighter, quieter, better – and more economical

Direct integration of rubber in fiber composite materials and metal

KRAIBURG developed KRAIBON® for the lightweight construction sector. It consists of non-crosslinked rubber foils that can be integrated in a production step of the existing manufacturing process: KRAIBON® can be processed like prepreg (fabric that is pre-impregnated with resin) and adheres excellently to FRP (FRC, GFRP, SMC, etc.) and to metal during the joint hardening process.


Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH & Co. KG, a company of the KRAIBURG Group, has been producing rubber compounds since 1947. Today, the company offers compounds based on virtually all elastomer types, including silicone and fluoroelastomers for all common dry rubber processing technologies. KRAIBURG compounds are used in the automotive sector, in machine construction, oil and gas production, roll production and by numerous other manufacturers of molded rubber components.

At German Rubber Conference 2018 in Nuremberg KRAIBURG will present its products in Hall 12, Booth 301.

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